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Business Creation Story

Red Roots Productions (RRP) is a strictly Indigenous knowledge-based video production business with deep roots in Duck Bay (Treaty #4) and Cross Lake (Treaty #5). The idea for this business was born from a vision within knowledge keeper, navigator, director, producer, director of photography and artist Sean Parenteau. This company is a direct reflection of his Cree & Ojibwe ancestry, connection to the “Redhawk” clan and to his Indian name “Flocks with Eagles”. Sean is gifted as a Storyteller and his spirit guides are the “Sabe & Wolf” who walk with him to these important places, telling the stories of his people, ancestors, and giving voice to those who don't have one.

At RRP we focus on “taking your vision and making it a reality”. From the initial concept/idea
to your final product, our service and delivery are first-rate, ethical, professional, and on budget.

Our Medicine Wheel includes:
● Health
● Language
● Educational
● Land-Based Teachings

Workshops and Live Entertainment

At Red Roots Productions our team also offer’s tailored workshops which include live entertainment that can be booked for your next community event and/or celebration.
● Suicide Prevention
● Anti-Bullying
● Cultural Identity
● Live Entertainment - Indigenous Artists

Delivery Capability

Red Roots Productions offers creative and cultural productions with the following capability:
1080p High Definition
4K technology

Drone capability (Mavik Pro 2)
Multi-camera (New SONY PXW-FX9s)
Slider Camera
GoPro 7

Camera 1.jpg

Our Guarantee


Red Roots Productions is strictly Indigenous Knowledge-based. Our commitment to our community and people is evident in how we carry ourselves; and walking with you in a good way is our focus from script to screen.


We have competitive grassroots, non-profit-friendly rates and have additional production value and capability.  


Together, respectfully and collaboratively, we are here to bring your vision to reality.

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